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Oct 25, 2016

Today the Mynock's have captured a prisoner! A dangerous pirate who goes by many aliases but is best know as Sozin, from the Scum and Villainy Podcast.  While we have him on board we interrogate him to ensure we get all his juicy secrets. The topics include:

[07:15:00] Grade-A Beef!
[22:49:00] Sozin's...

Oct 18, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! We are now over a year old and we would like to thank EVERYONE for sticking with us.  To celebrate our birthday FFG was kind enough to give us a NEW FAQ with some major implications.  Did you used to run Deadeye torpboats? Are you now sad? TOO BAD! Also, we've got a preview of Sabine's TIE, because...

Oct 11, 2016

We've got less than a month until worlds and the Mynocks are doing their best to figure out what the meta will be.  This episode we go over several nationals and analyze the top lists.  Who are the biggest winners? Defenders? U-Boats? Soontir? Find out this episode!

And remember FLY BETTER!

Oct 4, 2016

Going back to our legacy format this week!  This week: how much stress can Nien Numb lose? What's the best TIE Interceptor and why is it Fel's Wrath? Can homing missile be the upgrade card to watch at worlds? and what painting tips can you learn from Dallas Parker?

  • 4:30: HOTR Ship preview
  • 43:00 Ship spotlight TIE...