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Jun 14, 2016

This week we have a very special I Am Your Father's Day Special! Worlds 2015 Runner up Nathan Eide and his father Kevin join the show to discuss all things X-Wing.  Nathan goes through all of his winning lists and talks strategy while Kevin gives his insight into being the father of an X-Wing celebrity...he also gets a SICK burn in on Dee (who totally deserves it).

00:00:00 Pre Show Shout Outs
09:30:00 Eide Introductions
20:00:00 How did Nathan get so good and Advice for X-Wing Fathers
31:00:00 Nathan's lists and how he flew them.
01:01:00 Beginner and Advanced Tips


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Bell of Lost Souls

almost eight years ago

I'd love for you to do a segment on how to analyze an opponent's list that you've never seen before.