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Aug 17, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games held back a few choice snippets about Wave 9, such as maneuver dials and certain upgrade cards. However, they launched them into the wild with limited pre-release sales at GenCon, and we now know the precise contents of each ship in this wave. We break down the previously unknown details about the ARC-170, Mandalorian Concord Dawn Protectorate Fang Fighter, and Lancer-class Pursuit Craft.

To tantalize us even further, FFG also dropped the first Wave 10 preview, announcing Sabine's TIE Fighter (a Rebel hijacked TIE), the Upsilon-class Shuttle (Kylo Ren's whip), and the Quadjumper (the tugboat Rey wanted to grand theft instead of the Falcon). We discuss the revealed content, and attempt to decipher the mystery items from the preview photo and clues in the article. (Dee's eyes melted staring at a zoom enlarged copy of the photo.)

Finally, we fangasm at the new Rogue One trailer! We intend on tightening up moving forward, but this is a longer episode to deal with all of the news just dropped on us - enjoy!

  • [00:00:00] Intros!
  • [00:03:41] Arc 170/ Fang Fighter Final Spoilers
  • [00:16:30] Shadow Caster Pursuit Craft Preview
  • [01:11:00] Wave 10 Preview!
  • [02:03:00] Rogue One Trailer Discussion/Show Close