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Jan 4, 2017

Rookie X-wing pilots, this is the episode for you!


This week we bring aboard Rookie Pilot Mike Corse to talk about how new players can make a clean hyperspace jump into the game. Did you get a Core Set for Christmas and have no idea what to do next? We discuss buying guides for the game at a modest $150 budget.

Veteran players, worry not! There's content for you here too. The gang also talks about how to deal with the influx of "fresh meat" coming to tables near you. Also, Ryan throws out a bounty for anyone who can accomplish the "God Shot": 5 Crits with Omega Ace using Swarm Leader.



almost seven years ago

Grab two Jumpmasters! Do it, 4x Mindlink, grab a viper and a fang and most wanted on top of it and you got already a decent list variety.

Add maybe a hwk-290 for palob and a YV-666 and you have like a dozen awesome scum lists already.