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Jan 24, 2017

Hello fellow Pilots, Pirates, and Nerf Herders! This week we catch up on some news with a more traditional episode.  Is the C-Roc an epic game changer? We don't know!  Is Scum Boba Fett a game changer?! We maybe know that!  Is Texx's beginner tip worth listening to? YES!

  • [00:03:00] C-Roc Cruiser
  • [00:27:00] System Open Loot
  • [00:40:00] Ship Retrospective: Scum Firespray
  • [01:05:00] Upgrade Card Spotlight
  • [01:40:00] Tips


seven and a half years ago

Hello. Just found your cast and listened to the last few episodes and I think I'm gonna have to make this a weekly thing. I did want to comment on the Gunner upgrade card discussion, however.
I do think that the card works, even thematically, in that the strength of Gunner isn't in the second attack, but the threat of the second attack. Basically it turns your primary attack into a more reliable weapon by forcing the opponent into choosing to take a low damage hit instead of risking possibly more damage. So, in that regard, it sort of makes your primary more like TLT, in that you have a higher chance of getting at least some small damage through every turn. But, instead of being as consistent as TLT, you are able to crit or deal more damage if the dice favor you. So, thematically you are hitting more often, turning poor dice rolls into hits that would otherwise be evaded, even if its your opponent allowing it to happen.