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Mar 21, 2017

This week we dive deep into the huge announcement of Wave XI.  The Mynocks discuss the merits of sap in space travel, how terrifying the Empire will be with 4 Twin Laser Turrets, and whether you'll choose your Captain Nym flavor in Rebel or Scum.  Also, the return of the SHIP RETROSPECTIVE, upgrade card highlights, and tips for everyone!

  • [00:02:28] Wave XI Preview
  • [01:04:00] HWK-Retrospective
  • [01:26:00] Upgrade Card Spotlight
  • [02:01:00] Tips


Fly Better!

over seven years ago

I can tell you guys how I came to the numbers if you want, but rolling 2 or 3 blanks on 3 defense dice is about 33% of the time.

over seven years ago

You guys mentioned Lightweight Frame around 1:44:00 mark as not really mattering for something other that C3PO (if he were imperial). Do you think the Lightweight Frame roll can be used as an opportunity for new Palpatine? If so, do you think that new Palp can only be used to modify the LWF roll, or could you modify any of the results you already have showing?

If you can modify any of the results it seems like a really good way to use Palp defensively with very little risk of wasting him.

Love your guys content.

Divding Prescott
over seven years ago

Lowbacca was chewie's jedi nephew.