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Feb 17, 2016

After a long delay we finally escaped that Wampa cave and are back to Echo Base! Tons of goodies for you guys today, over THREE HOURS OF NONSENSE! Check out the rundown to see what's wizard [cringe].

  • [00:00:00]-[00:38:00] Interview with Worlds Top 16 player Drew Bishop
  • [00:38:00]-[00:59:40] Game Balance and the TLT...are we being babies about it?
  • [00:59:40]-[01:11:00] News: Hoth Open rewards and more.
  • [01:11:00]-[01:49:30] The Punishing One is the ship Scum needs...and deserves.
  • [01:49:30]-[02:22:00] Art of X-Wing: What is Fly Casual? Who are Fun Vampires?
  • [02:22:00]-[02:29:00] Ethical Questions of Store Championships.
  • [02:29:00]-[02:36:00] TIE/fo naming update!
  • [02:36:00]-[02:46:00] TIE Advance ship highlight PART 2 (The Aces)
  • [02:47:00]-[03:03:00] Upgrade Cards, Rookies Tips, and Advanced tips.
  • [03:03:07]-[03:12:00] Closing Notes and SHOUT OUTS!

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