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Oct 10, 2015

The maiden voyage of the Mynock Squadron Podcast! Hosts Dee Yun and Ryan Farmer discuss what's new (and sometimes old, looking at you T-65) in the X-Wing miniatures game.  Located in Southern California the Mynocks look to bring you up to speed on topics such as:

-The power of Scum in the escalation format

-Is Miranda Doni competitive?

-How to keep Talonbane Cobra alive.

-What's with the Y-Wing TLTs?

-So-Cal Championship Qualifiers.

-Is the Rookie Pilot just as useless as we think he is?

-Can "Decoy" be a viable upgrade card?

And MUCH MUCH MORE! Grab some blue milk and join us for some X-Wing. Don't forget our motto, "Fly Better"