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Sep 20, 2016

This week Sun Yun returns for another edition of Art of X-Wing!  In this volume he focuses on Squad building, and how to best create an army that shall trump all others!  And as we all know, many battles are decided before the fight even begins.  What is "the meta", how do you identify it, and how do you use that information to your advantage?

You'll find out all that and more in this episode!  No timestamps this week.  Just ride the wave...


Joseph Woodworth
seven and a half years ago

Somehow I'm surprised that people don't use the fighting game metaphor's a bit more...

Like in street fighter,

Mirror match = equal chance, up to the skill of the player

Cammie vs Ryu wins 40% of the time, but 80% of the time vs Zangeif

Akuma has good matchups vs everyone.