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Apr 11, 2017

You may fire up your earbuds when ready! This week we review all of the system open results (yes even ones pre-FAQ) and talk about what lists are relevant to the current meta.  Still trying to figure out a world's squad?  Let this episode help guide you through the murky waters of what lists could be "good" or "viable" for worlds!

  • [00:04:00] System Open Round Up: Mustafar
  • [00:23:00] Kashyyyk
  • [00:36:00] Yavin
  • [00:43:00] Lothal
  • [00:58:00] Endor
  • [01:00:00] Naboo
  • [01:16:00] Tatooine
  • [01:28:00] Hoth
  • [01:43:00] Brazillian Nationals
  • [01:55:00] What is even happening at Star Wars Celebration?

Fly Better!