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Jan 24, 2016

Hello fellow pilots, smugglers, Jedi, Sith, and Protocol Droids!  We have a show for you to listen to.  Is it any good? Ehhhhhhhhhhh?  Probably.  Check out the rundown and see if anything tickles your fancy!

  • [00:00:00]-[00:44:00] Interview with Worlds Top 16 play Kári Kristinsson
  • [00:44:00]-[01:06:40] What the hell is game ediquette? TAKE A SHOWER!
  • [01:06:40]-[01:20:00] What Corran Horn is the best Corran Horn?
  • [01:20:00]-[01:32:00] Unexpected moves...when do you do them? Are they worth it? YES...kinda...
  • [01:32:00]-[02:00:00] Upgrade Cards, Rookie Tips, and Advanced Tips (Early this week I know).
  • [02:00:00]-[02:15:00] Updates/corrections/stupid moments.
  • [02:15:00]-[02:29:00] Mist Hunt Preview EXTRAVAGANZA!
  • [02:29:00]-[02:37:00] TIE Advance ship highlight PART 1 (the scrubs)
  • [02:37:00]-[03:03:07] Should Tournament Scoring Rules change?
  • [03:03:07]-[03:15:00] Chewn' On Power Couplings and Answering E-Mails!

So start a game of Dejarik and throw us on in the background! It's bound to be a good time.  FLY BETTER!

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