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Feb 29, 2016

Alderaan may not be back, but we are! Today we have an amazing guest joining us, the first ever X-Wing World Champion Doug Kinney! He's here to talk about Flying Casual and other important stuff.  Check the rundown!

  • [00:00:00] Interview with World Champion Doug Kinney
  • [00:17:50] Campaign Against Cancer April 9th!
  • [00:27:00] Tournament Updates!
  • [00:30:18] Cards and Trays by Doug
  • [00:45:20] Flying Casual and Better
  • [01:08:00] Revisiting Balance.
  • [01:12:40] The most lore friendly ships/cards
  • [01:26:00] Ship spotlight, the Scumterceptor
  • [01:38:00] Card Spotlight and Rookie Tips
  • [01:59:00] Art of X-Wing: Squad Building
  • [02:37:00] Final Words/ Shout-outs


Check out Doug's Facebook Page: