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Dec 14, 2017

We proudly present to the X-wing community a new alternative format for the game we all love:

X-wing Objectives

In 2012 Fantasy Flight Games created the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game. Its strong and unique mechanics coupled with the power of childhood nostalgia has made it one the most popular miniatures game in the world.  However, after 5 years and over 12 Waves worth of ships, the “Standard” competitive format has begun to show some weaknesses.  The primary win condition for years was to destroy all of your opponent’s ships, but now with so many cards and combinations available there are more win conditions that make the game less enjoyable.  These include having a single, expensive, and unkillable ship win when time is up or staying in your corner the entire game and winning on a Final Salvo tie breaker.   

The X-Wing Objective Format was created by a large number of members from the X-Wing Community in a massive collaborative effort.  Months of testing went into creating six objectives that have alternative win conditions.  The hope was to eliminate some of the negative play experiences and get us back to the kinds of dogfights that leave us cheering and excited.

We also sought out to create a format that would not only appeal to casual players but also be viable as a tournament format.

Please download & print all the materials as needed and enjoy this new format. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


You can view all the objectives in the IMGUR albums below:
Full Page Objective Book
Portable Tarot Cards


You can Download the rules and other printable components  here:

Video Tutorials will be made available on the Gold Squadron Podcast Youtube Channel