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Mar 24, 2020

Visit JankTankOpen.Com

Hello and welcome everyone to the first ever Jank Tank Open, kicking off on April 3rd! As a collaboration between both the Fly Better and Gold Squadron Podcasts, this online Extended X-Wing event is a single elimination tournament run on the Vassal platform. However, all players participating in the Jank Tank Open will be using randomly generated squad lists from Yet Another Squad Builder instead of building their own from scratch. Players will choose one of 2 randomized squads assigned to them to play in the tournament. The only permitted changes to the squad are one upgrade that may be removed, and one upgrade that may be added.

Both Gold Squadron and Fly Better are committed to making this a smooth and enjoyable online event. We understand that these are difficult times, and in the spirit of hopefulness, Gold Squadron and Fly Better will each donate $1 per Jank Tank Open participant to the charity of the winner’s choice. To those who are savvy enough to master their jank, other great prizes can be won as well.