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Dec 20, 2015

NOTE: This is a SPOILER PODCAST. If you havn't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens DO NOT LISTEN UNTIL YOU HAVE!  

Welcome back listeners! We are super excited to have seen the new movie and are itching to talk about it. But worry not, we have plenty of X-Wing craziness to discuss. Including:

-Special Guest Brad Miller, a top 16 worlds finisher.
-Force Awakens Discussion.
-We discuss more Wave 8 Spoilers.  
-Zeta Leader is now known as "Highroller". Spread the word!  
-Defenders are BACK BABY!  
-Starviper ship highlight!  
-Why Wired is an amazing card.  
-Dee discusses game theory and operations.  

Grab a drink with Maz Katana and let us into your ears...and your hearts. And remember, FLY BETTER!  

eight and a half years ago

This is without a doubt my favorite new podcast. You guys are killing it with all your different segments. The 2 hours never seem too long. Thanks for putting out the cast consistently. Happy holidays.