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Jul 17, 2018

Jaren and Travis Foss join us this week to talk about Wave 14 and the Australian Team Championships.  Dee takes an in depth look at all the new content from Wave 14 and grades it out.  Do X-Wings live up to the hype? Can you put the Ace of Legend back on the table yet? Is there any reason not to include Major Vermeil in...

Jul 10, 2018

The Mynocks avoided the article curse once again! This week Ryan, Dee, and Dallas take an in depth look at the Second Edition Fang Fighter, more specifically Fenn Rau.  Is he the ace to beat once the game launches in September?  Afterwards the crew take on their favorite ships from the Scum Conversion...

Jul 3, 2018


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In addition to hyping the tournament, we talk quickly about our Producer Andrew Seely winning his first store championship!  After that we break down the new Firespray article and decide if maybe we jumped the gun on saying Kath got nerfed.  Finally we end...

Jun 26, 2018

Dee returns this week to help discuss the last few System Open results.  There's a spirited debate on the various merits of VI Quickdraw followed by analysis of the newly revealed Scum YT-1300.  Dallas laments on how the Escape Craft could spell doom for his TIE Swarm.

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  • [00:20:00] System...

Jun 19, 2018

Dee is on a break this week so we bring on a very special guest host...ANDREW NUCKOLS! You know him from the Birmingham Barons and his fantastic acrylic tokens.  We talk to him about his favorite ship, Second Edition excitements, and the new Y-Wing reveals.

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  • [00:13:00] Nuckols...