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Located in Southern California, members of Mynock Squadron discuss the ins and outs of Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures tabletop game. We cover everything from tournaments to strategy to useless pilots. So grab some blue milk and join us for some great discussion. And remember our motto, "Fly Better"
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Feb 22, 2017

Ryan, Dee, and Dallas hit Kashyyyk System Open to heartbreaking results. But we got to see a solid overview of the unsettled Wave 10 meta. There is still clearly room for older standbys as well as undiscovered country. However, Paratanni (Manaroo, Asajj Ventress, and Fenn Rau) ruled the day!

  • [00:00:00] Intros
  • [00:04:00] Beef!
  • [00:10:25] The Current Meta: Scum
  • [00:42:00] The Current Meta: Empire
  • [01:53:00] Ryan and Texx's Runs
  • [02:27:00] The Current Meta: Rebels
  • [02:50:00] End Notes
Feb 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day fellow Pilots! Today we're here for you, and what a better way to spend the most romantic day of the year than to listen to Dee for two hours talk about his rocks!  Worlds Top 16 Joe Desmond and Mynock Czar Lester Santos also join us for an in depth look at the deeper levels of strategy for how to use obstacles to your advantage!

  • [00:00:00] Intros and Reactions to Episode 54
  • [00:10:20] Obstacles Part 1: Terrain Theory
  • [00:46:30] Obstacles Part 2: Obstacle Selection
  • [01:20:00] Obstacles Part 3: Obstacle Placement


Feb 8, 2017

In today's episode, we discuss the State of the Game and try to talk Dee down from his wariness of the current Hyper Turbo X-Wing Championship Edition meta-balance. At the time of recording, he wasn't even aware of Range 1 SEVEN dice attacks with Kylo Ren Swarm Leader. Is X-Wing Miniatures spiraling out of control, or is the dumb Dee-ragon succumbing to Chicken Little syndrome?

Fly Better!

Jan 31, 2017

ALL WINGS REPORT IN! We've got fellow Mynock Cody Campbell on the show today to talk all about the Epic format.  What's the best epic ship? What do you do with all your Spider-Man upgrades? Should I use the companion cargo cube? What does Tibetan Gas do?!

Find out all that and more!

  • [00:06:45] - Introduction to Epic
  • [00:18:45] - Epic actions/Upgrades
  • [00:36:00] - Rebel Transport
  • [00:46:30] - CR90 Corvette/ Rebel Crew
  • [01:13:00] - Imperial Raider
  • [01:20:00] - Gozanti Class Cruiser/ Imperial Crew
  • [01:40:00] - C-Roc Cruiser
  • [01:47:00] - Ships that Shine in Epic
  • [01:58:00] - Epic Closing Thoughts


Check out the EPIC ARTICLE on Geek A.D.D:

Jan 24, 2017

Hello fellow Pilots, Pirates, and Nerf Herders! This week we catch up on some news with a more traditional episode.  Is the C-Roc an epic game changer? We don't know!  Is Scum Boba Fett a game changer?! We maybe know that!  Is Texx's beginner tip worth listening to? YES!

  • [00:03:00] C-Roc Cruiser
  • [00:27:00] System Open Loot
  • [00:40:00] Ship Retrospective: Scum Firespray
  • [01:05:00] Upgrade Card Spotlight
  • [01:40:00] Tips


Jan 17, 2017

Welcome back from the flight simulator! Today we bring in our favorite pirate janitor Blair Bunke, from the Scum and Villainy podcast, to help us clean our dirty asteroid.  While he's here he talks about the state of the meta, how you can win with Z-95s, and his top 5 X-Wing heroes.



Jan 10, 2017

This week we take a look at regional championships which have been played so far.  What lists should you be looking out for in your current meta?  How does Blair Bunke win? Is Talonbane Cobra a viable threat? Find out this week!

No timestamps this week, ALL REGIONALS!

Also, we may have a few list errors due to List Juggler being inaccurate.  We'll fix any glaring mistakes next week.


Jan 4, 2017

Rookie X-wing pilots, this is the episode for you!


This week we bring aboard Rookie Pilot Mike Corse to talk about how new players can make a clean hyperspace jump into the game. Did you get a Core Set for Christmas and have no idea what to do next? We discuss buying guides for the game at a modest $150 budget.

Veteran players, worry not! There's content for you here too. The gang also talks about how to deal with the influx of "fresh meat" coming to tables near you. Also, Ryan throws out a bounty for anyone who can accomplish the "God Shot": 5 Crits with Omega Ace using Swarm Leader.



Dec 21, 2016

X-wing pilots, we close out the year with a mega-sized Art of X-Wing!


Dee rifles through the entire history of Western military technology looking for lessons to be learned on the application of deploying new ships and upgrades in X-Wing. How will we move on from jousting Defender knights and the Dengaroo Jabberwocky?

  • [00:03:50] Art of X-Wing Intro: Lights and Heavies
  • [00:11:50] Bronze Age Meta
  • [00:28:00] Alexander the Great
  • [00:37:00] Iron/Steel Age Metas
  • [00:55:40] Katanas, Mercs, and Medieval Tech
  • [01:14:30] Gunpowder/Modern Era Meta
  • [01:26:00] How This Applies to X-Wing
  • [02:30:00] Rogue One Talk

FLY BETTER! And have a great New Year!

Dec 12, 2016

This week we play catchup and discuss the viability of the Rogue One ships that are about to drop!  Is this U-Wing the Rebel Lambda?  Will Boshek Bo-Wreck your day? Are the Strikers squirrely enough to overcome their low agility? Find our all that and more on this episode!

  • [00:00:00] Intros
  • [00:03:00] New Mats :/
  • [00:05:00] U-Wing Preview
  • [00:43:30] Striker Preview


Dec 6, 2016

This week we are very pleased to have two awesome guests on the show: Tobias Winter and Worlds 2016 Top 16 finisher Steffen Kaehler.  They bring their voices to us from the mythical land of Germany, where Unicorns graze in the wide open spaceports.  They discuss their experience at Worlds as well as the current popularity of the game.  Check out the time stamps below!

  • [00:00:00] Introductions/ Early Defender Talk
  • [00:15:00] Ryan's Questions
  • [00:30:00] The German/ European Meta
  • [00:45:00] German Soapbox
  • [01:29:00] Beginner and Advanced Tips


Fly Better!

Nov 30, 2016

It's a tugboat! Leave it to the Scum & Villainy faction to slap some guns on the Quadjumper and field it in combat. It has some nifty tricks, including being the first X-Wing ship to move backward. Time will tell if this jury rigged commercial craft will prove combat ready.

We then share our squads and results from San Diego Regional, with a heavy emphasis on TIE Defenders. All three of us flew it, because they're unequivocally great...but since everybody knows this, do they ironically become a liability in the upper tiers of a premiere tournament?

The answer as always:


  • [00:03:00] Tugboat Preview!
  • [00:45:00] Regional Recap!
  • [01:20:00] Joe's Tips
Nov 23, 2016

X-wing pilots, we analyze the top squads from Worlds with our very own Top 16er, Joe Desmond! Then the never-ending season continues into Regionals, as we congratulate San Diego winner, our very own Joe Desmond!

We were long overdue for an interview with our Mynock Chosen One, but his recent successes give us ample reason to finally feature Joe on the show. Joe and Dee draw upon first-hand head-to-head experiences to discuss the top squads at Worlds. Ryan was there too, we guess. Ryan provides his own very valuable insight!


Nov 16, 2016

X-wing pilots, we're taking a badly needed break. We'll be back in full force next week, but we hope you enjoy this retrospective clip show! We take a walk down memory lane and give you a show filled with some of our favorite moments. There's nonsense and some really great content...but mostly just nonsense!  Enjoy!

Fly Better!

Nov 8, 2016

The Mynocks have returned from worlds and we have brought back some awesome content for you guys!  We have interviews with mostly all of the Top 16 players (missed on a few due to time).  Also we've got a fantastic opening segment courtesy of the Gold Squadron Podcast!  Check out the link below to see their amazing THREE HOUR podcast roundtable livestream!

  • [00:02:00] Gold Squadron Podcast Live Cast Clip
  • [00:17:27] Paul Heaver
  • [00:21:00] Marcel Manzano
  • [00:25:00] James Kroeck
  • [00:30:00] Thomas Reed
  • [00:36:50] Phildo
  • [00:47:30] Ben Lee
  • [00:54:12] Steffen Kaehler
  • [00:58:00] Faan Langelaan
  • [01:04:00] Thomas (Jack) Mooney
  • [01:11:00] World's Runner Up Kevin Leintz
  • [01:16:55] World's 2016 Champion Nand Torfs

Fly Better!


Nov 2, 2016

Fantasy Flight previewed Kylo Ren's command shuttle, and it packs some wicked content. We then finish our Squint talk with Phennir, Jax, and Soontir... Does Defender domination bring Jax to prominence? Does stress suppress the mighty Soontir?? Phennir anything?!

  • [00:00:00] Upsilon Preview
  • [00:53:00] Interceptor Retrospective
  • [01:11:00] Upgrade cards
  • [01:22:24] WORLDS TIPS!

We're headed to worlds, see you when we get back!


Oct 25, 2016

Today the Mynock's have captured a prisoner! A dangerous pirate who goes by many aliases but is best know as Sozin, from the Scum and Villainy Podcast.  While we have him on board we interrogate him to ensure we get all his juicy secrets. The topics include:

[07:15:00] Grade-A Beef!
[22:49:00] Sozin's Accolades
[32:00:00] Data collection's influence on X-Wing
[52:06:00] Worlds Analysis post FAQ
[79:30:00] Beginner and Advanced Tips

So don't take your eyes off our prisoner or he might disappear! 


Oct 18, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! We are now over a year old and we would like to thank EVERYONE for sticking with us.  To celebrate our birthday FFG was kind enough to give us a NEW FAQ with some major implications.  Did you used to run Deadeye torpboats? Are you now sad? TOO BAD! Also, we've got a preview of Sabine's TIE, because there's already not enough of her in X-wing.

[00:00:00]- Intro and Keepn' it REAL with Dee
[00:07:00]- FAQ Bombshell
[00:46:00]- Sabine's TIE Preview


Oct 11, 2016

We've got less than a month until worlds and the Mynocks are doing their best to figure out what the meta will be.  This episode we go over several nationals and analyze the top lists.  Who are the biggest winners? Defenders? U-Boats? Soontir? Find out this episode!

And remember FLY BETTER!

Oct 4, 2016

Going back to our legacy format this week!  This week: how much stress can Nien Numb lose? What's the best TIE Interceptor and why is it Fel's Wrath? Can homing missile be the upgrade card to watch at worlds? and what painting tips can you learn from Dallas Parker?

  • 4:30: HOTR Ship preview
  • 43:00 Ship spotlight TIE Interceptor
  • 1:08:00 Card Upgrade Spotlight
  • 1:26:00 Beginner and advanced tips (including a painting discussion with Texx)

Unfreeze yourself from carbonite and enjoy some classic Mynock shenanigans. 



Sep 28, 2016

Our guests today are Leo Azevedo and André Ripoll! They are the hosts of the Portuguese language South Wookiees Radio podcast. Leo recently went undefeated in the Swiss portion of the Brazilian National Championship, and André won the event!

We get a peek at how the best players in Brazil approach the game, and dive into the application of neglected strategies.


Fly Better!

Sep 20, 2016

This week Sun Yun returns for another edition of Art of X-Wing!  In this volume he focuses on Squad building, and how to best create an army that shall trump all others!  And as we all know, many battles are decided before the fight even begins.  What is "the meta", how do you identify it, and how do you use that information to your advantage?

You'll find out all that and more in this episode!  No timestamps this week.  Just ride the wave...


Sep 13, 2016

With Wave 9 right around the corner FFG has thrown some more previews our way.  This week we discuss the new Hero Falcon crew and Pilots.  Is Finn overcosted?  CHEWBACCA RAGE! Will Hero Han change the game?  Then we discuss the exciting reveal of Rogue One's U-Boat and TIE Striker! Jyn Erson vs Rey? 0 K-turn? And what the heck is an aileron?  

We're here to answer all those questions and more!

  • [00:00:00] - Intro, S&V Invitational, and Beef
  • [00:14:00] - Actual Content Start! Falcon Preview
  • [00:42:00] - U-Wing Preview!
  • [01:03:00] - TIE Striker Preview!


Sep 6, 2016

US Nationals Winner Duncan Howard joins the Mynocks and talks about why the Howard Aces is so successful and currently the squad to beat in the meta.  In addition they discuss how Wave 9 might shake things up, Rogue One expansions, and when the best time is to bring your Shuttle to the party!

  • [00:00:00] Intros
  • [00:11:00] Duncan's Tournament far...
  • [00:31:00] What's next for the Howard Special? And Wave 9 thoughts.
  • [00:47:40] Rogue One expansion initial impressions. 
  • [00:52:00] Duncan's Beginner and Advanced Tips.

Fly Better!



Aug 30, 2016

It's time for regional round up Part 2! Rytackle, The Greedy Dragon, and Texx talk about the mix of different lists they've seen have success from across the world.  Through the process they find that just because a list may not look dominant on paper, doesn't mean it can't bring home the gold.  They also discuss their final takeaways from regional season.

No timestamps this week, just all regional talk!


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