Mynock Squadron Podcast

Located in Southern California, members of Mynock Squadron discuss the ins and outs of Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures tabletop game. We cover everything from tournaments to strategy to useless pilots. So grab some blue milk and join us for some great discussion. And remember our motto, "Fly Better"
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Dec 20, 2015

NOTE: This is a SPOILER PODCAST. If you havn't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens DO NOT LISTEN UNTIL YOU HAVE!  

Welcome back listeners! We are super excited to have seen the new movie and are itching to talk about it. But worry not, we have plenty of X-Wing craziness to discuss. Including:

-Special Guest Brad Miller, a top 16 worlds finisher.
-Force Awakens Discussion.
-We discuss more Wave 8 Spoilers.  
-Zeta Leader is now known as "Highroller". Spread the word!  
-Defenders are BACK BABY!  
-Starviper ship highlight!  
-Why Wired is an amazing card.  
-Dee discusses game theory and operations.  

Grab a drink with Maz Katana and let us into your ears...and your hearts. And remember, FLY BETTER!  

Dec 8, 2015

Hosts Ryan Farmer and Dee Yun give a full preview of EVERYTHING we know about wave 8.  Skip forward to the 14 minute mark if you want to get straight to the previews (but you'll miss some Aturi Cluster discussion). Strap in because this is going to be a long, eventful, episode.  Such information includes:

-Dee has "beef" with some of the other podcasts. Ryan doesn't/

-Agent Kallus is on the hunt, what ship should he go in?

-So many new TIE Fighters! But are they any good?

-Is the one ship meta imminent?

-Tie FOs and T-70s will BE HERE for Store Championship season!

-Scum gets their second PS9 Pilot, and he's awesome.

Take a break from listening to Max Rebo and switch over to us! Remember to fly better!

Nov 16, 2015

Mynock Squadron Podcast is here again! Hosts Ryan Farmer and Dee Yun discuss Worlds 2015 with one of only 3 people to make the Top 16 cut three years in a row...Dallas Parker!  Topics of this episode include:

-How did the Mynocks do at Worlds?

-Deep intellectual conversations on the Top 16 lists.

-Tie Fighters and You: A walkthrough with Dallas Parker

-Crackshot, Draw Their Fire, and Engine Upgrade discussion.

-Why Dee is so smug.

And SO MUCH MORE! Grab a Salacious Crumb to snuggle and enjoy the ride.  FLY BETTER!

Oct 24, 2015

Mynock Squadron Podcast is back! Hosts Ryan Farmer, Dee Yun, and special guest Steven Gonzales discuss the results of the So-Cal Championship invitational! Also:  

-Did I just hear that a HWK made it to the final table?

-Ryan cluster missiles his way to a miserable 2-3 record.

-The very best lists in So-Cal.

-Tarn Mison, the best of the average for T-65s.

-Why you should be running Adrenaline Rush on Darth Vader.

-Asteroids, debris, and you...

And MUCH MUCH MORE! Grab some blue milk and join us for some X-Wing. Don't forget our motto, "Fly Better"


Oct 10, 2015

The maiden voyage of the Mynock Squadron Podcast! Hosts Dee Yun and Ryan Farmer discuss what's new (and sometimes old, looking at you T-65) in the X-Wing miniatures game.  Located in Southern California the Mynocks look to bring you up to speed on topics such as:

-The power of Scum in the escalation format

-Is Miranda Doni competitive?

-How to keep Talonbane Cobra alive.

-What's with the Y-Wing TLTs?

-So-Cal Championship Qualifiers.

-Is the Rookie Pilot just as useless as we think he is?

-Can "Decoy" be a viable upgrade card?

And MUCH MUCH MORE! Grab some blue milk and join us for some X-Wing. Don't forget our motto, "Fly Better"