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Located in Southern California, members of Mynock Squadron discuss the ins and outs of Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures tabletop game. We cover everything from tournaments to strategy to useless pilots. So grab some blue milk and join us for some great discussion. And remember our motto, "Fly Better"
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Jun 29, 2016

Feeling burnt out? 

Did you know that you can X-Wing in ways other than tense tournaments wherein crazed competitors engage in savage bloodletting over acrylic shinies?

And that these other methods of X-Winging can actually be fun? Moisture Farmer takes command of this episode to remind Dee of that word...FUN. He leads a discussion of alternatives to the standard 100 point dogfight, and we spend the bulk of our enthusiasm on the terrific (and free!) Heroes of Aturi Cluster cooperative campaign.

  • [00:00:00] Intros to other ways to play
  • [00:04:30] FFGs reccomendations: Missions, Wave Restrictions, Furballs and more.
  • [00:18:55] Hunger Games Variant and Epic Play
  • [28:12:30] Hangar Bay Format and 2v2 games.
  • [35:13:00] Random Squad Tournaments
  • [45:00:00] Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
  • [01:15:00] Show end and final notes!

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Jun 21, 2016

With the offseason doldrums cramping our style, the Mynock Podcast is going a bit retro today.  We bring back some of our older segments in an attempt to drum up interesting conversation.  Dee discusses how Miranda makes his brain hurt, Texx tells us how to stay on the board, and Ryan tries to not be invisible to the masses.  Also, Imperial Firespray SHIP SPOTLIGHT!

[00:00:00] Intros and Beef: S&V Vassal Challenge and Bumper Music SHOWDOWN

[00:15:00] Actual News Begins: Imp Vets, Nationals Prizes

[00:31:00] What we've been flying.

[00:44:30] Ship Spotlight: Imperial Firespray

[01:09:40] Upgrade Card Spotlight

[01:23:55] Beginner and Advanced Tips

[01:41:00] Show Close

Link to David Sutcliffe's article:



Jun 14, 2016

This week we have a very special I Am Your Father's Day Special! Worlds 2015 Runner up Nathan Eide and his father Kevin join the show to discuss all things X-Wing.  Nathan goes through all of his winning lists and talks strategy while Kevin gives his insight into being the father of an X-Wing celebrity...he also gets a SICK burn in on Dee (who totally deserves it).

00:00:00 Pre Show Shout Outs
09:30:00 Eide Introductions
20:00:00 How did Nathan get so good and Advice for X-Wing Fathers
31:00:00 Nathan's lists and how he flew them.
01:01:00 Beginner and Advanced Tips


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Direman Comics

Bell of Lost Souls

Jun 7, 2016

Hello Nerf Herders and Womp Rats! We have actually made it to EPISODE 20!  To celebrate, FFG was kind enough to reveal what is coming in Wave 9!  Armed with this newfound knowledge hosts Ryan, Dee, and Dallas speculate what kind of beautiful goodness is headed our way later this year...well...maybe.  They also discuss the average speed of FFG's cargo boat and if we would be better off giving our stuff to Pilgrims to ship for us.

00:00:00 - Intros, X-Wing Stars
00:04:40 - Dee be Beefn', where is "The Boat", Worlds Registration
00:12:00 - Wave 9 Main Discussion: Arc 170, TIE/sf, Fang Fighter, Shadowcaster
01:21:00 - Closing Notes

Thanks so much for sticking with us!


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Direman Comics

Jun 1, 2016
A certain Podcast host won his home Regional and has managed to grow even more insufferable. He boasts, rants, then attempts to share some actual X-Wing insight on the topic of Variance.
We’re fresh off participating in the San Diego X-Wing Miniatures Regional at At Ease Games, and Mynock Squadron had a solid showing. Ryan defends his podcast credentials, Dallas trolls his way into the Top 4, and it’s an all Mynock final showdown between John Davis and one of our Hosts! Did Ryan make good on his promise to win?
Today you'll also hear Dee utterly fail to keep his ego in check, and also self-righteously soapbox at FFG forum posters who dared to have the temerity to complain about Regionals. Eventually, he gets around to sharing what little knowledge he does possess regarding the topic of Variance, and how to strategically approach it. (Dee is growing to love referring to himself in the third person, as Dee is the exceptionally handsome and intelligent paragon, in whose presence greatness can palpably be felt, who wrote this show descriptor.)
  • 00:00:00 - Intros, San Diego Regional, and A NEW CHAMPION
  • 00:18:26 - DEE BE BEEFN'
  • 00:27:30 - Art of X-Wing: Variance
  • 01:15:00 - Final Notes and Shout Outs!