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Dec 8, 2015

Hosts Ryan Farmer and Dee Yun give a full preview of EVERYTHING we know about wave 8.  Skip forward to the 14 minute mark if you want to get straight to the previews (but you'll miss some Aturi Cluster discussion). Strap in because this is going to be a long, eventful, episode.  Such information includes:

-Dee has "beef" with some of the other podcasts. Ryan doesn't/

-Agent Kallus is on the hunt, what ship should he go in?

-So many new TIE Fighters! But are they any good?

-Is the one ship meta imminent?

-Tie FOs and T-70s will BE HERE for Store Championship season!

-Scum gets their second PS9 Pilot, and he's awesome.

Take a break from listening to Max Rebo and switch over to us! Remember to fly better!

almost eight years ago

Great cast guys. Love and agree with Ryan's scummy description of the Cloaking Device. Can't wait to get that into my hands. It will make some really interesting filler ships or aces. Cloaking Palob or Mux will be wonderful way to keep them alive. I like that the cloaking fails at the end of the turn (after shooting) so you can at least depend on it for the turn you activate it.

What do you guys think of this Scum list:

NAME: Hunter's Mark

Firespray-31: · Boba Fett (39)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Proton Bombs (5)
Engine Upgrade (4)
Tactician (2)
· Slave I (0)
Glitterstim (2)
YV-666: · Latts Razzi (33)
Engine Upgrade (4)
Gunner (5)
K4 Security Droid (3)
· Bossk (2)

It is an adaption of Boba/IG or Boba/Bossk. Lots of stress mechanics (fitting for a fleeing bounty). Good hit points. The bombs are entirely optional. What I'd really like is the Houndstooth title. While the title isn't super competitive, Razzi's ability carries over to the Pup better than the other 666 pilots, and if the opponent tries to bump Razzi off first, they have to finish the pup as well. The 666 also needs dampeners badly.

I think there is something here. Tear it apart or offer tweaks.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for making the effort to cast for the community.
-Andrew (Rhoaran)

Ed Horne
almost eight years ago

Great show guys! First, the podcast challenge is on! Second, you should finish every episode with an 'Art of War' quote. That was awesome!

keep up the great work, love what you guys are doing!

Ed Horne
NOVA Squadron Radio

Todd Hollins
over eight years ago

Really enjoying the podcast. I listen to all the podcast. With your disdain for other podcasts maybe a name change is in order. I would suggest surly mynock. Keep up the great work.