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Jan 10, 2017

This week we take a look at regional championships which have been played so far.  What lists should you be looking out for in your current meta?  How does Blair Bunke win? Is Talonbane Cobra a viable threat? Find out this week!

No timestamps this week, ALL REGIONALS!

Also, we may have a few list errors due to List Juggler being inaccurate.  We'll fix any glaring mistakes next week.


over seven years ago

It would be really helpful to be able to READ those lists, it's annoying to punch them into a squadbuilder while listening. ;)

seven and a half years ago

So... Dash needs buffs? I'm ok with that.

seven and a half years ago

Was the Asajj/TLTs in Omaha and can confirm that the triple bumps were incredibly frustrating to play against. Walked into the game thinking I had the upper hand since I'd be tossing stress on them all due to mindlink. But only one of them needed to do a green for them all to get a focus and that's all they needed to burn down Asajj quickly and then donut hole the TLTs with barrel rolls.

Doug played amazingly with RAC/Echo against the bumps but honestly in the end it came down to luck. RAC hung on waaaaay longer than he should have due to a ridiculous number of missed painbot rolls. I think there were 6 misses in a row any one of which would have reversed the result of the game. It hurt to watch after a while.